How to capture beautiful images with Camera 360 for android ?

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    In order to create a beautiful selfie without high quality camera or professional lens, you just need a smartphone with common camera which has a focus function and the app camera 360 for Android, that you have a “key” to take a perfect selfie picture.


    Just only front camera of smartphone and fully filters of camera 360 apk, everything will be perfect and you can take a beautiful selfie picture easily.

    Download camera 360 - easy way to take an impressive selfie picture
    In order to take a perfect selfie which will impress others, you should memorize some tips below:

    Find out a beautiful background
    A beautìul background would help you more confident when you take a selfie and bring a lot of inspiration for your poses. The concept you want to set up such as sense of humour, charming or elegant girl, sad picture that depend on the background you choose.

    Moreover, for some backgrounds have several unrelated details, you can use the filter “Super Mosaic” to hide them completely and focus on your face.
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    Suitable time to take a selfie

    You should choose the suitable time to take a selfie that would help you pay attention to good lighting, for example from 7am to 9am and 4h30pm to 6pm. That time is enough lighting for your photos will be more glittering


    Furthermore, you should combine the filter “Beauty Selfie” of Kamera 360 to adjust brightness and make your face or your skin smoother and look like natural. You can also select other effects below to edit your photos.

    Thanks to Camera 360
    Let’s use this app Kamera 360 to edit other details in your photos. Using front camera to take a selfie that would help you to re-watch your photos, and you can also use new effects of Camera c360.


    A new collection of interesting stickers is provided by 360 Camera, you just need to pose and keep the camera and then getting the stickers you want such as gentle, funny, angry, etc. All of them are available on the app Camera 360 download.

    So you already have got some tips to take a beautiful selfie. You can share immediately the photos you love because this app was synchronized with some social networks like Facebook, instagram, wechat, line, and so on.

    Now let’s take an amazing selfie with Camera 360 download!
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